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Safe driving is a team effort. Encouraging your friends to drive safely at all times makes a big difference to making our roads safer, and sparing the lives of friends and loved ones.

Ways YOU Can Get Involved:

  • Bring this campaign to your own school!
  • Come up with your own plan/ ideas and distribute the bracelets any way that you want (As long as we get the pledge cards back so we can add the names to the master pledge sheet)
  • Sell bracelets at your school as a fundraiser.
  • Raise $ for a club, team or even for your Prom!
  • Give them away to anyone who signs the pledge; help us spread awareness and warn of the dangers of texting while driving.

Any other ideas, interest or involvement is welcome and encouraged.

Please email to learn more and become involved with the TADD project.

61 thoughts on “Get Involved

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