Teens Against Distracted Driving was founded by Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Jason Epstein. In addition to launching TADD, Jason is an author of five books and also the creator of Straight Talk Law. Jason started TADD to encourage and promote safe driving practices by everyone, but especially our youngest drivers, who are also the ones most likely to text while driving. We have to save our kids from the epidemic of texting while driving.

TADD is partnering with youth leadership councils and schools across the county in an effort to spread our message to those on the front lines. We welcome any ideas on how to get our message out. Our goal is to have a orange TADD bracelet on the wrist of every teenager in America so that when they go to pick up their phone while driving they will see the bracelet and remember that their life, or the life of someone else, is not worth sending or reading that text message right then. It can wait.

The TADD Campaign is sponsored by:

Seattle Accident Attorney – Straight Talk Law
Seattle Personal Injury Attorneys – Premier Law Group
Orlando Accident Attorney – The Francis Law Group
San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys – Jurewitz Law Group
North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer – Al Patrick
West Virginia Injury Lawyer – Tim Miley
Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney – Roswold Law Group
Virginia Worker’s Compensation Lawyers
Fort Worth, Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer – Mark Anderson
Fairfax, Virginia Personal Injury Attorney – Ben Glass
Roswold Foundation for Injured Children
Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorneys – Eric Purchase and Tim George
Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney – Stuart Carpey
Georgia Personal Injury Attorney – Ty Wilson
Massachusetts Personal Injury – Attorney Andrew Garcia

We support and want to salute all the teens taking the TEENS AGAINST DISTRACTED DRIVING pledge. Help us keep you and others safe. Orange County California auto accident attorneys Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie frequently write about injury and traffic accidents caused by texting or using a phone while driving on the roads of California.

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